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As most people are now aware, the Derby County Podcast is no more. As a contributor to the Podcast, I feel a real sense of pride at how much it achieved considering that it was just a group of guys with no professional experience, chatting about the team they love. However, due in part to the wonderful level of support and attention it gained, Joel simply could not find the time to keep up with the demands of running it. While I completely understand this situation, it was disheartening to think that that audience, that fan base and that 100% authentically fan-driven outlet was going to disappear. I immediately started wondering how I could keep the ethos alive, either in its original form or in the form of something new.

Thankfully, I wasn’t alone.

So I’m here to introduce the Ramcast, a brand new podcast inspired by and in the spirit of the work we did on The Derby County Podcast. While the format may be different, the content and features slightly tweaked, the podcast will come to you in the same spirit that The Derby County Podcast did; the desire to give real Derby fans a (hopefully) entertaining outlet to chat, interact and build a digital community.

We are going to start building an immediate presence on social media, and you can already follow us on Twitter @theramcast. I encourage you to get in touch with ideas, comments, things you’d like to see return and things you’d like to change. We have really big plans, high hopes and a foolhardy determination to make something half decent. So tell your friends, contact us and get sharing. We’ll be off working on the first podcast, and are excited to show it to you all.

Luke and the Ramcast team




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